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June 11, 2012 Motospecs media release – Tru-Flow New range June 12

Tru-Flow Cooling Products – new 2012 range and catalogue release

At Motospecs, we are excited to announce the release of the new Tru-Flow Cooling Components Catalogue. Edition 3 of the Cooling Components Catalogue features an extensive range of products and applications to suit most vehicles (including passenger, 4WD and light commercial), and caters to all the latest makes and models. 

Tru-Flow’s ever-expanding range reflects our commitment to meeting the servicing requirements of new vehicles, so in addition to water pumps and fan clutches, the latest Cooling Components Catalogue features brand new Tru-Flow ranges of:Tru-Flow Cooling Components Catalogue Cover

  • Thermostat integrated housing assemblies
  • Radiator fan blades and.
  • Heater taps

Tru-Flow Category Manager, Gerry Nabarro, says the expanded Tru-Flow range is aimed at meeting customer demand.

“In particular, thermostat housing assemblies and radiator fan blades are product categories our customers have been asking for.” 

“Tru-Flow products are all high quality and are sourced from major worldwide manufacturers located in Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany and the USA.

”Tru-Flow products come with a 2 year/40,000km Australia-wide guarantee and all Tru-Flow cooling components have an excellent track record for range and quality in the Australian automotive aftermarket. 

“We expect Tru-Flow’s presence in the market will continue to grow as a result of the new range release for 2012,” says Gerry.

What does the new range of Tru-Flow Cooling Components include?

Water pumps

The water pumps range includes over 600 part numbers with pumps to suit over 9000 individual vehicle applications. There are 85 new part numbers in the new range. 

Water pumps are sourced only from world-class manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Italy and the USA.

Fan clutchesThermostat & Housing Assembly

With over 115 part numbers in the range, there are fan clutches to suit over 2300 individual vehicle applications. The current range includes 10 new additions.  

Heater taps

The heater taps range consists of 24 part numbers to suit over 2000 individual vehicle applications. 

Thermostat integrated housing assemblies

The initial thermostat housing assembly range includes 60 part numbers to suit over 700 individual vehicle applications. These parts are sourced from world-class manufacturers in Germany, Italy and Japan.
Radiator Fan Blades

Radiator fan blades

There are 40 part numbers in this new range to suit over 600 individual vehicle applications. 

For more information on the Tru-Flow brand, head to the Motospecs website or for Technical Support call 1800 245 748

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