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March 03, 2014 Expanding Fuelmiser Euro range a hit with workshops everywhere

Fuelmiser Euro is a range of high quality engine management and EFI parts specifically for European cars. The range, which was launched in April 2013, includes ignition coils, sensors and switches sourced only from the best OEM European manufacturers, to suit all major European vehicles. “Fuelmiser Euro is a wide yet carefully chosen range of top quality engine management parts,” says Fuelmiser Engine Management Product Manager, George Soultis. “We have selected parts from European suppliers that we trust and who have a long track record producing high quality products.”

The Fuelmiser Euro range continues the Fuelmiser tradition of supplying the market with quality parts at reasonable prices.

Enthusiastic response to Fuelmiser Euro

George says the response to Fuelmiser Euro has been overwhelming and this reflects the hard work we put in to ensure we source only superior quality products.” “People can be a bit apprehensive with any aftermarket product but with Fuelmiser Euro there’s the confidence of knowing that the entire range has been sourced from highly regarded and reputable European suppliers.”

The market’s endorsement of Fuelmiser Euro has seen the range expanded, with more than 250 part numbers added since it launched. “Fuelmiser Euro now includes more than 800 part numbers covering popular makes and models and the range will continue to expand to meet the demands of the market.”Fuelmiser Products

Convenient and affordable

As a former workshop owner, George says he’s experienced first hand the frustration of not being able to source European Car parts at competitive prices. “I know how infuriating that is! Now, with Fuelmiser Euro, you can just contact your local parts store and you know the part will be available at a competitive price.

Motospecs has considerable buying power with manufacturers and we can pass savings down to our customers,” says George. “With Fuelmiser Euro you won’t pay the inflated prices that are common in the European parts market.” “Plus, the suppliers we’ve selected are long time quality European parts manufacturers who we’ve been working with for a long time, so we know their parts are reliable and issue-free.

New diesel valves and ABS sensors

In response to the increasing number of Australian drivers choosing diesel cars, the Fuelmiser Euro range now includes components for European diesel vehicles, such as EGR valves. “These tend to play up a bit in diesel vehicles generally but the European EGR valves are more complicated given the strict pollution standards of the EU. Fuelmiser Euro’s EGR valves are an OE standard replacement part so you can fit them with total confidence.”

Speed/ABS sensors have also recently been added to the Fuelmiser Euro range. “The Fuelmiser Euro range will continue to grow in order to meet the market’s needs. It’s the number one choice for quality, fairly priced engine management and EFI parts.”

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