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August 26, 2014 New Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue

Announcing Drivetech’s new Transmission Service Kit Catalogue

Drivetech is pleased to announce the release of its new Transmission Service Kit Catalogue. This ultimate reference guide for resellers has been fully updated and now features more than 190 part numbers and more than 1200 vehicle applications.

Drivetech Service Kit Catalogue

Find the kit you need quickly!

The new Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue is extremely clear and easy-to-read.

“It’s arranged according to vehicle application for easy product identification,” explains Drivetech Category Manager, Mario Novak.

“Transmission speed is also listed for each product, further assisting with part identification. Plus, the catalogue features an image identification guide, which resellers in particular will find very handy.”

The importance of quality transmission

“Modern transmissions are highly complex, with multiple gears, electronics and shift modes. On top of that, the greater engine power of modern vehicles makes the driveability delivered by the transmission more vital than ever.”

“In particular, the filter is a key transmission component and we see many lower cost transmission service kits featuring inferior filters,” says Mario. “The use of inferior grade plastic can see a transmission filter crack or swell, causing oil cavitation, engagement and shift issues.”

Drivetech only supply filters made with optimum filtration media.

“Poor assembly of the filter, such as crimping of the two housings is another common fault in lower cost sourced transmission products, and can allow aeration of the fluid resulting in poor performance and reliability.”

“Using a second class transmission service kit is an unwise decision. The potential for problems and transmission failure is high and the risk to businesses is too great.”


Why Drivetech Transmission Service Kits?

You can rely on the kits featured in the Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue to deliver a high quality, long lasting transmission repair.

Drivetech has close connections to the specialist transmission repair industry and a proud history supplying the market with OE standard transmission service kits.

“Our strong industry standing reflects almost 40 years of delivering reliable replacement components that do the job right, first time.”

The Drivetech Transmission Service Kit range is comprehensive and includes only the highest quality components sourced from industry leading manufacturers.

“It’s just not worth the risk of fitting inferior transmission replacement parts. With a Drivetech Transmission Service Kit you can be confident of maximum filtration and life of product at a very reasonable price point,” says Mario.Drivetech Filter Service Kit

As well as the filter and gasket, Drivetech Transmission Service Kits come with all the components required to perform a transmission service to the manufacturer’s standard. “We’re confident our kits lead the market. When you factor in our 2 year/40,000km warranty, the Drivetech Transmission Service Kit range really does sit head and shoulders above the competition.”

To obtain your copy of the latest Drivetech Transmission Service Kit Catalogue, please contact: 1800 605 673 

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