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October 16, 2014 Drivetech Tools Target Specialist Requirements


Be prepared to service any vehicle with a Drain Plug Socket Set (Part # UXT–10265) from Drivetech.

Drain Plug Socket Set

 Drivetech’s Drain Plug Socket Set features 15 different specialist sockets, enabling quick and easy removal of sump or drain plugs across the increasingly complex Australian car parc. As vehicle design continues to evolve and vary between manufacturers, just changing the oil can be a headache if you don’t have the right tools on hand. Each socket in Drivetech’s Drain Plug Socket Set is made to OEM specifications from high quality materials. With 15 sockets, you’ve always got the right tool on hand to remove specifically designed bolt heads. All 15 sockets come conveniently housed in a single case, so locating the right tool for the job is easy. The kit also comes with a ‘T’ bar to loosen plugs.


Servicing brakes is a breeze with Drivetech’s 21 piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit (Part # UXT–10340) and Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder (Part # UXT–10350).

Brake Caliper Wind Back kit

Winding back the rear brake caliper pistons on any vehicle fitted with an in-built handbrake mechanism couldn’t be easier with the 21 piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit from Drivetech. Rear braking systems vary significantly across makes and models, which can make winding back brake caliper pistons without the right tools very risky. With Drivetech’s 21 piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit you can easily and safely wind back the caliper pistons and fit a new set of brakes on the majority of vehicles in the Australian car parc –including most European, Japanese, Korean and US vehicles. The kit caters for either clockwise or anti-clockwise applications with various piston adapters. 

Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor


Draining brake fluid is now a one person operation with Drivetech’s Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder. With an easy-to-use trigger-locking lever, the Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder will extract up to 2 litres of brake fluid. It also features a silencer, making it quieter than competitor products. Suitable for ABS and standard braking systems, the Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor/Bleeder is environmentally friendly because it collects the old brake fluid, enabling safe and sustainable disposal.



Remove and install spark plugs on a huge range of European and Japanese vehicles with the European Spark Plug Set (Part # UXT–10250) from Drivetech.

Most European, and now many Japanese makes, feature multi-spine 14mm & 16mm spark plugs instead of generic single hex plugs. To ensure you can service a wide range of vehicles with minimum fuss, tool-up with Drivetech’s European Spark Plug Set.

The set comes with four sockets – two 90 mm and two 250 mm for the overhead cam, deep well type configurations. Each socket has been designed to enable easy spark plug removal. 

European Spark Plug Set

Each socket grips the spark plug during removal reducing the risk of dropping and damaging the spark plug. The set also comes with a ratchet with a flexible hinged handle to assist with removal from tricky locations.



The Drivetech Tools Catalogue is packed full of general, specialist and vehicle and transmission specific tools. To request a copy, please phone 1800 463 646.

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