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April 05, 2015 Fuelmiser – the broadest range sourced from world leading manufacturers

Fuelmiser Product Range

Fuelmiser is a trusted brand name across Australia, with a proud reputation for supplying the automotive aftermarket with an extensive range of high quality parts. In fact, we have the broadest range sourced from world leading manufacturers.

Across more than 20 years, our wide range of engine management, ignition and fuel system components has grown to more than 5,000 individual parts, reflecting the confidence mechanics and workshops have in our products.

“Engine management and fuel system components are critical in keeping vehicles on the road, and when you choose Fuelmiser, you can be 100% confident in the quality and reliability of each and every product,” says Motospecs Category Manager (Undercar and Under Bonnet Products), Gerry Nabarro.

“With Fuelmiser, you are not only purchasing OE standard components, you are choosing a brand with a proven ability and long history supplying the market with top quality parts at very competitive prices.”

Inside the box: new labels highlight the calibre of our products

Now, Fuelmiser is going one step further to assure customers of the exceptional quality of every component that bears the Fuelmiser name.

“To highlight to our customers just what they’re getting when they choose Fuelmiser, we’ve recently introduced product labels that showcase exactly what’s in each box,” explains Gerry.

Did you know that Fuelmiser has always sourced products from world-leading OEM brand manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi and Toyota? Or that Fuelmiser also sources quality branded parts from VDO, Delphi, Facet, FAE, Valeo and YEC?

“The new labels allow for quick, easy identification of the superior brand(s) that have been included in each product box, providing mechanics and workshop owners with total confidence in the quality and reliability of Fuelmiser components.”

“Fuelmiser has always sourced products from world-leading brands, and we have strong, ongoing relationships with these manufacturers. Now, with our new easy-to-read labelling, mechanics and workshop owners can clearly see the quality that’s contained in every Fuelmiser box. This approach differentiates us even further from our competitors,” says Gerry.

Be confident with Fuelmiser engine management, ignition and fuel system components

The Fuelmiser brand has one of the largest engine management, ignition and fuel system componentry ranges in the Australasian automotive aftermarket. In response to the ever changing vehicle car park, Fuelmiser is committed to continually researching and updating the range which currently comprises more than 5,000 individual parts. The components available include ignition coils, fuel pumps, various sensors and switches, and much more.

Don’t forget our Fuelmiser Euro range

Fuelmiser Euro brings together a comprehensive range of high quality engine management products sourced only from the best OEM European manufacturers. The range – which includes ignition coils, sensors and switches to suit all major European vehicles – continues the Fuelmiser tradition of supplying the market with quality parts at reasonable prices.

We have the part you need available in one comprehensive catalogue

The quality range of Fuelmiser is unsurpassed, and new parts are being released into the market every month. Workshops and mechanics can expect the correct part first time, every time when using Fuelmiser quality parts.

“Fuelmiser is bound to have the breakdown part you need, at a competitive price,” says Gerry. “Because of our huge range and the quantity of back up stock we can hold, we can supply much more quickly than many of our competitors. This means our customers can get on with the job and deliver a better service to their clients.”

And the complete range is now available in one comprehensive easy-to-use catalogue covering engine management and fuel systems. There are over 40 product groups, a comprehensive range of Euro and Korean applications plus references for most popular and late model vehicles.

Fuelmiser Catalogue Edition 2

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